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"It was as if Mahler himself was resurrected in the persona of The Athens Philharmonic under the fluid and hypnotic baton of Yiannis Hadjiloizou, illustrating that Greek classical music has undergone a magnificent Resurrection. Exalted music remains the most eminent immortality that humankind may achieve. And that was what conductor Yiannis Hadjiloizou achieved at Carnegie Hall.”

- The Millbrook Independent 

"Maestro Hadjiloizou was impressive. He has a commanding presence on the podium, his direction is crisp, his motions are precise and economical, and his mastery of the score was much in evidence. His approach was well thought out, and he maintained a firm hand on the wheel, never allowing things to devolve into bombast… Maestro Hadjiloizou and the orchestra saved their best for the final movement, which brought the evening to a triumphant close. The audience responded with a loud, extended roar of approval, justly deserved. The future should be bright for this promising orchestra."

- New York Concert Review

"The Athens Phil performance had quite a few assets,, first their conductor Mr. Hadjiloizou. He is a magisterial figure, holds his long baton with authority, knows his orchestra well, and has the experience to hold them in check."

- ConcertoNet

“The Herculean task of marshalling together the forces of 126 musicians, a 200-piece chorus and two soloists fell upon the shoulders of Maestro Yiannis Hadjiloizou and he was more than up to the challenge. The new orchestra's performance far exceeded all expectations… The sold-out house announced clearly that the Athens Philharmonic is no longer a stranger to New York. And if their auspicious New York debut is any indicator of things to come, we can safely expect to be hearing a lot more thrilling performances from them in the future. Here's hoping they return to New York very soon.”

- Broadway World

"An ecstatic Mahler Second introduces the Athens Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall... Tall and erect, Hadjiloizou cut a Solti-like figure on the podium, though his gestural style was both more fluid and contained than the late Hungarian maestro’s hyperactive style."

- New York Classical Review 

"Congratulations  to Yiannis Hadjiloizou and the Athens Philharmonic on their US and Carnegie Hall debut! Mahler 2 is quite possibly the most ambitious orchestral piece you could have picked especially for an orchestra only one year old, but you approached it with a maturity and style one would expect from any other established world-class orchestra."

- Sean Park, Product Manager  

“An orchestra all within himself”


– The Cyprus Truth (Αλήθεια).

"Yiannis Hadjiloizou dares to take Mozart's Requiem to new levels of musical expression, creating an awe inspiring and commanding effect, both with his music, as well as with his personality on and off the podium. He is magnetic to watch and there is no doubt we will be seeing a lot of him around."

- Kathimerini

"Yiannis Hadjiloizou is a person of the highest humanity, artistic sensitivity, and integrity. I see something in him that not only sets him apart musically from so many others, but makes him a leader of men. This natural leadership is born from his love of life and people, and it serves him like a bright beacon of light in the night sky."​

– Franz Anton Krager, Conductor 

“A rare talent.” 

– Theodore Antoniou, Composer & Conductor 

“The perfect conducting!” 

– Joshua Rifkin, Musicologist

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